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2nd AIFF Grassroots Leaders course held in Manipur by Tata Trusts!

For the second time in as many weeks, a second AIFF Grassroots Leaders Course was conducted from May 7-10 at the Eastern Sporting Union Ground in Imphal, Manipur. Eighteen coaches underwent training under AIFF Instructors Shailesh Karkera, and Prashant Singh. The entire programme was organised by Tata Trusts.

The four-day course, focused on coaching methodology at various youth age groups as well as an introduction to Futsal. It concluded with a Grassroots Football Festival which involved a total of 80 children engaging in a series of matches and technical workshops.

Participants Bisheshwor Singh, and Joychandra Singh, both of whom were professional footballers felt the course has “helped them to mature as coaches”.

“I have been coaching kids for a while now after concluding my professional career. But it was only after coming to this course did I realise my mistakes and discover how big a role patience and the coach’s personality plays in the overall scheme of things. I consider myself very lucky to have been part of this course. I have gained a lot of knowledge,” Bisheshwor said.

“Looking back at what kind of coaching which I got while growing up, this course was an eye-opener. My approach has now changed completely. I was fortunate enough to play professional football, but had this kind of grassroots coaching course existed back then, I would have probably had a longer and more illustrious career,” said Joychandra.

Dr. R.K. Nimai (IAS Retd) General Secretary, Eastern Sporting Union said, “It is our pleasure and honour to host the Grassroots Leadership program conducted by AIFF in collaboration with CML, Tata Trusts. The enthusiasm of the instructors and the participants is heart-warming. I feel such programmes to train Grassroots leaders must be conducted in a much larger scale. This programme will definitely help in systematic training of the Grassroots centres.”

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