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AIFF-AMITY join hands to organise webinar sessions for students!

All India Football Federation and AMITY University joined hands to organise two webinar sessions for the BPED as well as the MPED students on Tuesday (October 13) and Monday (October 19) respectively. Hundred-odd students attended the course to get the understanding of the flagship project of the AIFF – Golden Baby Leagues.

AIFF technical director Isac Doru feels “academic Indians” should play a critical role in promoting the beautiful game in the country and these webinar sessions provide with a great opportunity towards that.

“We are in the process to create a professional football environment and education on all aspects is the key to build this environment. Academic Indians should play a critical role in promoting those values of professionalism that will, in turn, present the young players a chance to have a professional career and a future in football,” Doru mentioned.

Meanwhile, the All India Football Federation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the AMITY University on June 14, 2017.

Prof. Kalpana Sharma, Dean FoE & Director, Amity School of Physical Education & Sports Sciences, referred to the longstanding relationship between these two entities. She further mentioned that the university is committed to the development of sport and the MoU has helped them in many ways over the course of the time.

“I am happy to share that because of our MoU with AIFF we had been able to take up activities during the last three years in academics and sports development. Amity University, UP is committed to the development of the sport of the students as well as young adults. A bridging gap between sports educators and implementors was addressed during the workshops conducted by All India Football Federation focussing on the Golden Baby Leagues to create pathways for the sport educators,” she shared.

Akanksha Pathania, Student, BPEd, AUUP, shared that those sessions were “productive and helpful”.

“Sessions organized by AIFF about the Golden Baby leagues were productive and helpful. It’s a beautiful concept where unearthing the talents at an early stage is focused on.”

Animesh Gupta, a student, BPEd, reiterated, “The session was a huge success. As the Class representatives, we can guess how much our classmates enjoyed the informative and interesting sessions about the establishment of AIFF Golden Baby Leagues.”

Isac Doru further mentioned that more “social interactions” with partners are required to achieve the objective.

“We need to work more in order to achieve our objective, and video conferences are giving us the opportunity for more social interactions with our partners.”

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