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Germany’s DFB assembly approves the resumption of 3.Liga!

An extraordinary DFB session of the Bundestag agreed today that 3.Liga will indeed be able to continue. A yes vote from 222 delegates gave a clear majority, and thereby confirmed the direction given by the DFB Presidium. The 3.Liga will be able to resume from May 30. Twelve delegates rejected the proposal, while 16 abstained from the vote.

Following the approval of the resumption of the season, the request for the immediate abandonment of the season, which had been put forward by the football associations of both Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, was not put to a separate vote. A proposal heard from the Saarland Football Association for the introduction of two parallel leagues in the third tier of German football had already been rejected. 220 delegates voted against this proposal, while 18 where in favour. There were also 15 abstentions.

Germany’s third division starts again on May 30

The 3.Liga gets back underway on May 30 with matchday 28 of the competition. The rest of the season will be completed in due course with three-game weeks. The final matchday of the season should fall on July 4. The promotion play-off to Bundesliga 2 should take place on July 11. The initial plans have been drawn up in close consultation with 3.Liga committee. A rearrangement of dates, following for example an enforced team quarantine, will also be possible.

As a part of today’s ruling, the Bundestag will authorise the DFB board to decide on further regulations – for example, should an early end to the season be required at all. This also includes the determination of the technical consequences in further postponement, including promotion and relegation.

Furthermore, the question of how to deal with coming season is now also the responsibility of the DFB board. They will take into account the recommendations on the DFB presidential board, the responsible 3. Liga committee and the assembly of clubs and corporations of the 3. Liga. In accordance with the resolution, the DFB executive committee is also authorised to approve any necessary amendments to the basic agreement, in conjunction with the conduct of match operations for the 2019/20 season and the 2020/21 season, and their effects on subsequent campaigns.

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