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How Popular Betting on Football Really Is?

Football is the world’s most popular and most beloved sport. Millions of people tune in daily to watch their favourite teams compete for another victory in their domestic leagues and international tournaments. If you want to put the numbers into perspective,the World Cup final is watched by more than a billion people around the world and each derby match between Liverpool and Manchester United has more viewers than the Super Bowl.

Broadcasters, streaming services, and the clubs themselves are making huge amounts of profits from people who are more than willing to pay a certain amount to watch a game. One other industry that is thriving in this area is the betting industry.

Online Bookies Are Making Huge Amounts of Profit

Online bookies are making millions of dollars daily thanks to the many fans who want to place bets on goals, the winner, or live bets. Their biggest advantage is that they are easily reachable and anyone can wager their opinion in a matter of seconds. Online bookies have become so popular that some of them even sponsor big teams like West Ham United, Stoke City, and Sunderland. Several years ago, one popular bookie was Real Madrid’s main sponsor.

The global annual revenue made from online bookies is more than $10 billion and they are one of the biggest profit-makers in the gambling industry. They are responsible for approximately 50% of the global revenue made by gambling facilities combined. This is the exact reason why some online casinos have opened betting options on their sites as well.

The Online Casino Industry is Incorporating Betting As Well

Online casinos offer people the chance to experience their favourite gambling games from the comfort of their homes. They are far more reachable than the land-based casinos, offer better payout percentages, and have tons of rewards for new and more loyal players. People can enjoy an online casino play for real money and are eligible to win millions of dollars in progressive jackpots, poker games, etc.

In the last few years, online casinos started incorporating betting due to its popularity. Online betting is most popular in the UK, which happens to be the same country with the highest number of online casino players. Casino sites even theme certain games after the most popular football teams and players.

The Most-Betted Tournaments and Leagues in the World

The World Cup is the obvious favourite when it comes to being the most-betted tournament in the world. Some statistics showed that bookies, in general, made a total fortune during the 2018 World Cup. An estimated profit of $36.4 billion was made in those couple of months. People in the UK alone spent more than $4 billion by betting on the nations.

As far as club level goes, European championships are the most betted tournaments. The two competitions in this section that stand out are the Premier League and the Champions League. We noted earlier that the UK is the prime marketplace for the betting and gambling industry. Add the fact that the Premier League is considered the best and most-watched league in the world and you can see why it’s the most-betted elite competition.

The Champions League is extremely popular due to its great odds. After all, you’ve got the best teams in Europe competing in the same tournament. It’s much harder to anticipate which team will be victorious. Even the underdogs can make a shocking statement every now-and-then. Remember, Ajax reached the semi-finals last year, Roma also stunned Barcelona, etc. Online bookies are making huge amounts of money, especially during the knockout stages. One statistic showed that more than 20 million people worldwide bet on the CL final, which is a huge number.

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