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iSportconnect partners with 3D Digital Venue!

iSportconnect today announced a brand new partnership with global stadium platform 3D Digital Venue.

3D Digital Venue provides Interactive Digital Venue Management Solutions to Sports and Entertainment Venues worldwide (whether already built or new construction). They offer solutions that provide a precise and interactive re-creation of the arena or stadium to deliver a greater fan purchasing experience, increasing the online conversion rate or product inventory.

The content is distributed via widgets and it is integrated into any digital channel of the Club, Event or Competition, improving the online purchasing experience for complex products.

One of the main features of the 3D Digital Venue platform is to allow users to select any location and allow them to virtually sit first person in the seat of their choice. This feature will enhance both the frontend of the ticketing platform and offer a portal of renewals and relocation to members, with customized business rules.

It will promote the online sale of VIP products, allowing the relocation of members on refurbishment or new construction projects several months before its execution, and the digital activation of brands embedded in the digital content are other value-added services of the 3D Digital Venue Platform.

3D Digital Venue Is currently integrated into sports entities and competitions in 17 countries across 4 continents.

In Europe it has a wide presence in LaLiga, the Premier League and Serie A. In the USA it is present in the main professional leagues (NBA, MLS, NHL and MLB) and Universities. The Middle East, Australia and Japan are emerging markets where the platform has already various integrations.

iSportconnect will help provide a platform to increase brand awareness of 3D Digital Venue within the sports world and boost their profile with the aim of expanding the range of venues they provide services for and with increased connections. We will also advise with the business development as 3D Digital Venue moves forwards.

Sree Varma, Founder and CEO of iSportconnect, said: “I am so happy we are able to welcome our new partner 3D Digital Venue to the iSportconnect family. This is an exciting development with a fantastic company, they provide a unique service that is increasingly important to supporters in the modern day. I can only see the need for their product growing and we want to help them expand during this period.”

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