Sunday , April 11 2021

Our Game Too podcast: India And Football ft. Arunava Chaudhuri!

‘Our Game Too’ speaks to Arunava Chaudhuri about Indian football who is an expert writer and commentator.

He’s been involved in setting up the ISL and was the initiator of Manchester City Group’s involvement with Mumbai City FC.

The common narrative is that India is football mad and there is no room for other sports. But is this true? For first generation immigrants, was football truly an alien concept?

We learn some new and surprising info about football in India, including the world’s 3rd oldest football competition and how widespread football really is in India.

Fascinating conversation that turns on it’s head many of the stereotypes we in the west tend to have about India and it’s relationship to the world’s game.

Asians in football… we’re getting there.

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