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Sporting Moments that will go down in history!

History is packed with amazing sporting moments that have amazed fans and inspired fellow athletes. These are some of the most iconic sporting moments that have gone down in history.

England’s Cricket World Cup Final

Last year, England were part of an incredibly nail-biting final which will go down as one of the most dramatic in history. The men’s side had an agonising 44 year wait before they could raise the trophy, but the final performance almost made it worth it for fans. It was won with the narrowest margin possible against New Zealand – after 100 overs, the scores were tied at 241 each which pushed the game into extra time. Both sides scored 15 off their additional balls, which left England victorious because of more boundaries being hit in their innings.

The 1966 World Cup Final

Football fans new and old will have fond memories of watching the World Cup final between England and West Germany in 1966, when football came home for the first time. In addition to being one of the best moments in England sporting history, the final was also one of the most dramatic. Geoff Hurst scored an incredible hat-trick, and although the arguments over whether the middle goal went over the line continue to this day, he’s still the only player to score three consecutive goals in a World Cup final.

Foinavon’s 100/1 Grand National Win

The Grand National is renowned for providing horse racing fans with incredible experiences and Foinavon’s win was no exception. In a race that defied the odds, he took the world of horse racing by storm and yielded an amazing payout for anyone who was courageous enough to back him. Foinavon wasn’t a horse that many wanted to ride, with three jockeys turning down the opportunity, but John Buckingham accepted the challenge and put in a historic performance. Don’t miss out on the action, go check out these betting offers.

Ali and Foreman’s Rumble in the Jungle

Muhammad Ali and George Foreman faced each other in the ring in a historic boxing match that is now referred to as The Rumble in the Jungle. It was seen as Ali’s last chance to justify his own claims that he was the sport’s greatest fighter, which were against popular opinion at the time. The 15-round match brought in an estimated global audience of one billion people but in the end, it only actually reached eight rounds as Ali beat Foreman. He landed a five-punch combination that ended in a left-hook and a hard-right to the face, knocking Foreman to the canvas.

Bringing the NBA Title to Cleveland

Lebron James is widely considered to be one of the best athletes ever to play sport and as a Cleveland native, it was a dream of his to bring the championship title to his hometown. In 2016, James and his teammates took on the seemingly impossible task of a 3-1 series deficit. But the Cavs came back and somehow managed to steal the title in an amazing game, becoming the first team to ever return from a 3-1 hole in NBA Finals history.

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