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Swapan Sadhan Bose selected as new Mohun Bagan president!

Today a meeting of the Executive Committee Members of Mohun Bagan Athletic Club was held at Club Tent. In the aforementioned meeting key issue were discussed and the following decision were taken by the Executive Committee Members. The club lost its president Gitanath Ganguly in December 2019 and subsequently the Executive Committee Members in today’s meeting unanimously decided to select Swapan Sadhan Bose as the new President of the Club.

In the situation of Swapan Sadhan Bose being elevated to the post of President, the vacancy created were filled among the existing members of the current Executive Committee which are as follows:






Shri Srinjoy Bose Hony. Asst. General Secretary Hony. General Secretary


Shri Satyajit Chatterjee Hony. Treasurer Hony.Asst. General Secretary


Shri Uttam Saha Hony. Ground Secretary Hony. Treasurer


Shri Mahesh Tekriwal Hony. Hockey Secretary Hony. Ground Secretary


Shri Sandipan Banerjee Executive Committee Member Hony. Hockey Secretary


Mrs. Sohini Mitra Chaubey —————- Executive Committee Member (Invitee)

Beside the above the executive committee decided to hold a condolence meeting on January 27, 2020 at club tent in memory of their former President, the late Gitanath Ganguly.

Further the executive committee decided to celebrate the 90th birthday of Ex-Olympian and decorated football player of Mohun Bagan, Samar ‘Badru’ Banerjee. The details of the program will be shared later.

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