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The Nike Phantom GT Scorpion boot!

A clear-cut synergy exists between the Nike Phantom GT boot and the brand’s iconic 2002 advertisement, “Secret Tournament”. The style of football — filled with the era’s creative playmaking icons — set stage for the evolution of expressive, risk-taking footballers for whom the Phantom GT was designed.

Launched in March 2002, the campaign centered on a fictional 8-team, 3-a-side tournament, first goal wins. All matches took place in an enclosed “cage” on a ship. Its timing coincided with international play in South Korea and Japan, and with local 3-a-side tournaments staged around the world.

With the Phantom GT Scorpion, the generational link between “Secret Tournament” and boot materializes through a chrome upper and plate referencing the tournament’s ball, painted brush strokes mimicking the on-ship location and the yellow/black hazard stripes framing the goals. Additionally, a lateral scorpion graphic, featuring the phrases “Secret Tournament” and “Engineered For Skills”, updates the original scorpion logo.

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