Monday , March 8 2021

The Sportsbiz Show – Ep26: Independent Consulting, Writing, Freelancing in Sports ft. Arunava Chaudhuri!

The Sportsbiz Show is a podcast focusing on business, development and careers in sports, with its core focus on India. From talent development to commercialization of sports, uncover the lives of athletes and executives who are dealing with unchartered territories and working “behind the scenes,” to make an experience come to life.

On EP 26, we have Mr. Arunava Chaudhuri. He has worked for over 22 years in the sports and media industry with special writing experiences in having founded IndianFootball.Com and having his own blog Further, he’s worked for TV and radio as a correspondent, commentator and football expert, along with consulting for various clubs, federations and brands.

We chatted with him on how to build multiple opportunities as an independent consultant and professional in the world of football, both in India and globally.

About Arunava Chaudhuri

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