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TSRDS – Jamshedpur FC Training Camp to kick-off on December 17!

The Tata Steel Rural Development Society (TSRDS) conducted the Tata Kolhan Super Cup recently. The tournament that ran from August to November 2019 saw more than 27,000 young players of various age categories partaking in the event.

50 young aspirants of the beautiful game were scouted by Jamshedpur FC coaches at the recently concluded Kolhan League. These young players belong to the U-15 age category and have been called-up to train under the guidance of the coaches at Jamshedpur FC’s academy. The four-day training camp will commence tomorrow, December 17 until December 20.

Below is the list of coaches who will be involved in the training camp.

Carlos Santamarina, Head – Youth Development

Kundan Chandra, Head Coach – Reserve Team

Adrian Dias, Head Coach – U-16 team

Akshay Das, Head Coach – U-18 team

Indranil Chakraborty, Head Coach – U-14 Team

Arshad Hussain – Head Coach – Grassroot Teams

Subrata Dasgupta – Academy Goalkeeping Coach

Additionally, players from the Jamshedpur FC Reserve Team will be assisting the coaching staff at the Kolhan training camps.

The entire list of the kids who were selected is as follows:

Jaysingh Soy – Kuchai
Srijan Soren – Chandil
Harish Soy – Kuchai
Salkho Mardi – Baragat

Karan Hembrom – Noamundi
Dinesh Gope – Chaibasa
Ram Munda – Noamundi
Rahul Hembrom – Chaibasa

Sanjay Tudu – Dhalbhumgar
Manish Tudu – Baraghat
Lakhan Baskev – Sarmali
Bhim Murumu – Kalikapur

Bablu Murumu – Sarmali
Rajesh Hembrom – Kalikapur
Mangal Singh – Hesanawadih
Sikandar Balmuchu – Jhinkpani

Ganesh Sardar – Hesanawadih
Ghanshyam Balmuchu – Jhinkpani
Shivnath Soren – Saldih
Vikram Mardi – Karandih

Durga Mardi – Saldih
Narayan Hembrom – Karandih
Bablu Murumu – Saldih
Mahendra Bari – Kundubeda

Bablu Mardi – Saldih
Karan Nath Karwa – Kundubeda
Sachin Mardi – Gurbandha
Anil Baskey – Kundubeda

Rabindranath Murmu – Dubrajpur
Laxman Mardi – Baraghat
Bhagmant Murmu – Dubrajpur
Sagen Kanda – Punsa

Badu Hembrom – Kudapai
Kush Singh – Punsa
Tushor Karmakar – Garubasa
Mahadeev Singh – Punsa

Rajendra Purty – Karah
Mahadeev Singh – Simuldunga
Bikram Mardi – Karandih
Nayan Singh – Simuldunga

Dukusingh Sardar – Karandih
Sameer Baske – Dhanbad
Jay Soren – Karandih
Jagarnath Soren – Dhanbad

Samant Tudu – Kumrasoi
Devanand Hembrom – Dhanbad
Badha Hembrom – Kumrasoi
Rupesh Hembrom – Dhanbad

Vishal Sardar – Kumrasoi
Robin Hembrom – Simuldunga

Talking about the Tata Kolhan Super Cup earlier this year, Tata Football Academy head coach Carlos Santamarina was uber impressed with the talent that was showcased at the event. The Spaniard was full of praise for the organisation as well as the 27,000 participants who played to the best of their abilities, and 50 of them have now been handed an opportunity to develop their game under the right guidance.

“It is really amazing to witness these kids take part in football, in Jamshedpur. I don’t have words to describe how good the Tata Kolhan Super Cup has been. It’s a pleasure to watch these kids play with their heart and enjoy their football,” said the coach.

Below is the schedule for the Jamshedpur FC-TSRDS Training Camp:

17 Dec 2019 | 3:00 pm | Tribal Culture Center, Sonari
18 Dec 2019 | 10:00 am & 3:00 pm | Tata Football Academy

19 Dec 2019 | 10:00 am & 3:00 pm | Tribal Culture Center, Sonari
20 Dec 2019 | 10:00 am & 3:00 pm | Tribal Culture Center, Sonari

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