Sunday , June 4 2023

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rs1tv VIDEO: Remscheid Craftsmen play out 6.Rossetti Football Cup!

Here comes my rs1tv report of the 6.Rossetti Football Cup of the Helfenden Handwerker Remscheid (Helping Craftsmen Remscheid) which was played on July 6 as a 5-A-Side charity football tournament in Remscheid. Die Helfenden Handwerker Remscheid e.V. haben am Samstag zum sechsten Mal den Rossetti Fußball Cup auf dem Gelände …

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rs1tv – VIDEO: Remscheid’s craftsmen play charity golf at the Rossetti Cup!

Here comes my report for rs1tv about the Rossetti Golf Cup, which was held by the Remscheid craftsmen organisation Helfenden Handwerker Remscheid e.V., a charity golf tournament at the Golfclub Dreibäumen in Hückeswagen. Der Verein, die Helfenden Handwerker Remscheid e.V. veranstalteten am Samstag den 1.Rossetti Golf Cup im Golfclub Dreibäumen …

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