Thursday , March 23 2023

AFC Internship Programme launched!

The AFC Internship Programme will assist AFC Member Associations (MAs) and Regional Associations (RAs) in their overall development in football administration by allowing them to increase, upgrade and enhance the skills of their staff to better manage their association.

This programme will combine practical working experience with a structured learning experience to enable the intern from the MA, RA or a graduate from the AFC’s Academic Centre of Excellence (ACE) or a football-related field, to develop, improve and raise the overall standard of football development with the most up-to-date management techniques and administration best practices.

This is a knowledge/skill transfer programme intended to strengthen and develop strategies and best practices in various aspects of football administration to ensure that all interns are given an equal opportunity and exposure for the overall development of football. The programme will be tailored on a job-per-division or department basis with the Member Association Division, Competitions & Football Events Division (CFED), Technical Division and Referees Department. The individual/s will intern in one (1) division or department for a duration of three (3) months.

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