Wednesday , October 27 2021

Mohammedan Sporting lodge police complaint against Yan Law & Ranjit Bajaj!

Kolkata giants Mohammedan Sporting Club have lodged a police complaint against their former head coach Yan Law and Minerva Academy FC owner Ranjit Bajaj the club announced in an official statement issued today.

The Mohammedan Sporting Club Statement reads

Mohammedan Sporting Club is surfaced by compelling situation and as such with no alternatives available to them the club terminated the contract which they had with Yan Cheng Law (Head Coach of Mohammedan Sporting Club). The club authorities were reported that the head coach had circulated important information about “Team XI” and team strategies to Ranjit Bajaj, who is an outsider to the club and presently manages Minerva Academy.

It is further found that the match, that was played on 08/10/2020 at the Kalyani did not play well and the head coach taking advantage of Bio-Bubble situation due to COVID-19 had unilaterally chosen the ‘First XI’ as per his whims and caprice and in contravention to the club management who had already finalized the team much ahead the match played.

The club authority had also found irregularities in action and steps of their head coach and as such based on various incriminating documents the club had already filed police complaint against Yan Cheng Law and Ranjit Bajaj. The head coach Mr. Yan Cheng Law was time and again requested to disassociate himself with Minerva Academy and its owner Ranjit Bajaj, but Mr. Cheng Law could not adhere to the direction of the management.

That apart from other offences which is subject matter of investigation by respected authorities the said Ranjit Bajaj is found to have illegally and without authority extracted the logo of our club and used the same in his Facebook Page.

All issues concerning and allegations were put forward before appropriate authority to set out offence of breach of trust, conspiracy, favoritism and other offences etc. The club has already decided to take all legal steps that may be available to it for cleansing and protecting the club from questionable entities and individuals.

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