Tuesday , May 30 2023

Romania’s new Joma equipment: tradition and resistance!

The Romanian Football Federation and Joma launch the new national team shirt, inspired by the resistance and perseverance that define Romanian fans. The shirt is designed to withstand all the pressures and challenges that supporters face, from tears and emotions to the tense minutes after matches. The gear wears the traditional belt as a symbol of the values that have held us together throughout time and will keep us moving forward with confidence. In Romanian folklore, the strength of strong fighters was in the waist, and we want it to continue to inspire us. So, we start the fight with a strong shirt for strong supporters.

The belt contains emblematic elements for the historical regions of Romania, a reference to our common past, the one that brings us together and motivates us to believe and continue. On the field or in the stands, we have the same goal: to build the success of the national team!

When the present puts us to the test, tradition keeps us with the National. And this is the #PowerOfTheBelt!

In addition to the distinctive element of the new shirt, the belt, the tricolor is not missing, it is present on the sleeves of the shirt, on the shorts and on the leggings, but also the unity message “We fight together”. The new equipment is a return to the traditional yellow, so that full blue and full red, respectively, characterize the other two options.

The new equipment is also the product of extensive research. The supporters were also included in the conceptualization process because they contributed to the identification of the most loved equipment in the history of the national team and their most appreciated elements. In addition, they provided details on color combinations and examples of other football kits that have enjoyed popularity in recent years. More than 800 supporters, women and men, from the country and abroad, had the opportunity to express their opinion and support their ideas. Thus, this equipment is also their creation!

Technical characteristics

Manufacturing has been carried out with 100% recycled polyester to minimize the impact on the environment. This fabric is characterized by its quality and elasticity, in addition to being very resistant and easy to maintain. Made from processed plastics converted into recycled polyester thread and then into thousands of meters of sustainable fabric.

In addition, MICROMESH technology has been included to provide the jersey with breathability. Thanks to this mesh fabric, which replaces the base fabric, sweat evaporates quickly in areas of high perspiration. Therefore, the player’s body remains dry, comfortable and post-exercise cooling is prevented.

In addition, the FLATLOCK seams system has been incorporated preventing rubbing and providing elasticity and freedom of movement.

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