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420 Grams S02E45: How Will Foreign Player Rule and Other Changes Impact India’s National Football Teams?

Joining the 420 grams crew on the show is former AIFF national team director, Delhi Dynamos and East Bengal FC advisor Tathagatha Mukherjee. They talk about various aspects of the foreign player rule and a ground-up vs. top-down approach to developing the sport. This episode was aired live on Facebook …

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420 Grams S02E43: ATK Mohun Bagan merger complete details out!

ATK Mohun Bagan – Jaydeep Basu, Siddhanth Aney and Arjun Pandit talk about why this matters to everyone with an interest in football and India. This show was streamed live on Facebook at 1900 on July 11, 2020 and is being reposted here for the friends of 420 grams on …

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420 Grams S02E41: Lesson from Kolkata giants – East Bengal & Mohun Bagan!

East Bengal and Mohun Bagan have given India’s football fans a great deal to talk about over the past 100 years. But all that history might amount to nothing if the boro match rivals don’t read the writing on the wall. Jaydeep Basu, who has covered the rivalry for 35 …

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420 Grams S02E36: Big Decisions Likely to be approved by AIFF Executive!

After years of criticism and debate the AIFF is likely to revert to a 3+1 foreign player rule for the I-League with immediate effect. This is among the key issues that are likely to be approved by the decision-making body of the federation on May 13. The Indian Super League …

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420 Grams S02E27: PK Banerjee – The Player, the Coach, the Man!

Indian football legend and Olympian P.K. Banerjee has been hospitalised for a month now, battling a chest infection. The 83-year-old, who was admitted in January as well, is in critical condition this week. In this special episode, 420 Grams co-hosts Arjun Pandit and Siddhanth Aney along with senior football journalist …

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