Monday , December 4 2023

Delhi FC geared up to create I-League history!

Delhi FC, the epitome of determination and talent, is all set to make its mark in Indian football history once again, as this time they become the first football club from Delhi to participate in the prestigious I-League on merit.

With their dominant display and unparalleled prowess throughout their qualifying campaign, Delhi FC has earned their spot in the upcoming 2023/24 I-League season.

The team’s relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering spirit have solidified their status as true contenders in the league.

The stage is set for Delhi FC’s momentous home opener at the renowned Namdhari Sports Complex Stadium on October 30, 2023. This historic clash will see the formidable Delhi FC go head-to-head against TRAU FC, igniting the flame of their campaign.

The squad of Delhi FC boasts a sublime blend of experience, youthful vigor, and unwavering fitness. These dedicated athletes have undergone rigorous training, transforming them into formidable warriors ready to conquer any challenge that comes their way. Their hunger for success and undeniable talent make them a force to be reckoned with.

Delhi FC’s players have honed their skills, both individually and collectively, to create a cohesive unit capable of taking on any opponent. Their chemistry and mutual understanding on the field are the foundations of their success. The team’s unwavering resilience has paid dividends during their qualifying run, propelling their confidence to new heights.

As the green turf awaits its influential debut, the Delhi FC squad stands united, driven by the pursuit of glory. The players are well aware of the challenges that lie ahead, but they exude an unwavering determination to overcome every obstacle in their path.

This season, Delhi FC promises an enthralling display of passion, skill, and teamwork that will leave both fans and adversaries in awe. The city and its people eagerly await the kickoff, ready to rally behind their beloved team and witness history being made.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Delhi FC’s extraordinary journey as they transcend borders, representing the true spirit of Delhi on a national scale. Let’s unite in supporting the Delhi FC warriors as they embark on their path to success in the I-League.


Pawan Kumar, Kalvin Abhishek, Nitish Mehra, Naveen Kumar

Gurtej Singh, Raju Gaikwad, Kartik Kanojia, Anwar Ali, Kitboklang Khyriem, Munmun Lugun, Suprodip Hazra, Rahul Rawat, Allaeldin Nasr (Egypt)

Naorem Tondomba Singh, Vanlalhriatzuala K, Abhay Gurung, Gaurav Rawat, Akash Tirkey, Himanshu Jangra, Fahad Fahad Temuri, Dhruv Sharma, Bhupinder Singh, Sergio Barboza (Brazil), Pape Alassane Gassama (Senegal), Araldo (Brazil), Krishna Pandit, Kuntal Pakhira, Vinil Poojary

Ankit Singh, Balwant Singh, Bali Gagandeep, Girik Khosla, Tarun , Hudson (Brazil), Tegh, Gwgwmsar Goyary

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