Monday , October 3 2022

Lega Serie A always at BeIT’s side to promote Made in Italy in the world!

Lega Serie A and ICE Agenzia, with BeIT, partnership continues with the target of promoting Italy’s excellence on a global level.

With 60 broadcasters covering more than 200 countries around the world, Lega Serie A is able to reach around 800 million fans and, thanks to its partnership with BeIT, to tell the best of Made in Italy and the great story of tradition, style and innovation, typical of Italian production chains.

Many initiatives will see Lega Serie A side by side with BeIT in the most important promotional events in the world, as already happened last season thanks to Lega Serie A Ambassadors Alessandro Del Piero, Alessandro Nesta and Francesco Totti, great protagonists, respectively, in New York for the Summer Fancy Food Show, in London on the occasion of the Italian Football Day and in Frankfurt for Tech Textile.

“We are very proud to continue working alongside ICE Agenzia, through the BeIT brand, to tell the world about the greatest excellence that Made in Italy can offer – said Luigi De Siervo, CEO of Lega Serie A -. The space reserved for each Serie A match broadcast internationally and the many initiatives that will see Lega Serie A Ambassadors take the field alongside BeIT will enrich this story, promoting the best of our production chains. Italian football proposes itself as the driving force of the country, reflecting the passion, identity, tradition and research for innovation that have always made Italy one of the most appreciated countries by millions of people globally.”

“Like football, the promotion of the Country-System on international markets is a team game. With sport, the collaboration between companies and institutions expands” – says Carlo Ferro President of ICE Agenzia.- “Among the 20 new initiatives put into the field by ICE Agenzia in recent years, the beIT nation branding campaign and the platform are synergic with the promotion of major sporting events in the world. It is sufficient to take a taxi in Dubai or Shanghai or New York to understand how much the football championship unites citizens of the world with Italy. Hence the collaboration with Lega Serie A. The results of the action as a whole can be seen with the export data of our country that we presented in these days: it continues to grow in volume, despite two ‘black swans’ of four years.”

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