Thursday , May 19 2022

PUMA launch all new Influence Pack!

Sports company PUMA has launched the Influence Pack, a collection featuring four individual football jerseys each inspired by a special city and its football culture. PUMA has partnered with COPA90, NSS Sports, SEASON zine and SHUKYU magazine to create jerseys crafted from the cultures of London, New York, Naples and Tokyo.


COPA90 is inspired by New York’s soccer culture. A scene that started as a counterculture movement, defying age-old traditions, a product of New York’s history of hustling and change. Just like the city itself, the soccer pitches draw together people from different backgrounds, allowing them to forge their own traditions.

In collaboration with COPA90, PUMA has designed a special jersey inspired by the great city of New York. The famous five boroughs are a focal point of the design, along with the iconic bridges that connect them.

The black jersey with gold trim features all over graphics of famous places, buildings and soccer pitches located in the city. The crest features a comic version of the iconic Statue of Liberty, while the number five is displayed on the front and the back of the jersey, paying tribute to the five boroughs of New York. Written in gold, the COPA90 logo is displayed across the jersey’s neckline.


Born in 2012, nss magazine has become the reference point for street culture, sneakers and fashion communities and enthusiasts all over Europe. nss sports is a branch of nss magazine who are dedicated to football and sportswear culture.

In partnership with nss, PUMA has designed a truly unique jersey influenced by the city of Naples, the birthplace of nss magazine. The jersey also features a special tribute to the city’s brotherhood with Kagoshima, with reference to both cities and their volcanoes: Mount Vesuvius and Mount Sakurajima.

The slick grey jersey features a custom volcano crest, with the nss logo displayed across the front of the jersey in place of the sponsor logo. The all over flame graphic representing the fire from the volcanoes takes inspiration from old Japanese football jerseys. The neckline integrates the names and coordinates of both volcanoes.


SEASON zine is a London-based trailblazing football and fashion platform founded in 2016 to counter the male, pale and sometimes stale state of modern football culture. Across print issues with original football stickers, events, newsletters, and more, the magazine empowers women and marginalized communities on and far beyond the pitch.

PUMA and SEASON zine have partnered to create a refreshing pastel jersey that reflects the platform’s journey. If you’re from London or you’ve visited London, you’ve almost certainly travelled by tube. The bespoke all-over graphic pays homage to the well-known retro patterns taken from the seats found on London’s public transport network in powder lilac and white, with a tech twist on the London tube map overlaid on top in vivid mint. A shiny grey ‘SEASON’ logo is displayed in place of the sponsor logo and on the neckline, you can find ‘FASHION FOOTBALL est.2016′ spelling out the platform’s beginning.

SEASON zine is celebrating its fifth birthday this year and the crest features 10 stars – one for each issue planned. Celebrate Your Journey! In this jersey. How far you’ve come, the lessons learned, everything you’ve achieved.


SHUKYU is a football culture magazine based in Tokyo. The magazine focuses on players, clubs, supporters, fashion, art and the culture that exists beyond the beautiful game.

The striking green jersey draws inspiration from the city of Tokyo and the traditional Japanese event ‘Kemari’, a form of historical football. The Kemari festival takes place each year and is a platform for players to show their talents.

For this special jersey the cherry blossom motif has been used in an all over graphic inspired by the design of typical ‘Kimono’ costumes. The jersey also features a custom crest in homage to traditional Japanese patterns and fabrics. The magazine title is displayed in bold across the front of the jersey and the layout of the magazine’s front cover is displayed on the back of the jersey featuring the number 11.

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