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20 Years of Indian Football – It all started for me on April 10, 1998!

Yesterday, April 10, 2018, was a historic day in my career in football as I completed 20 Years of Indian Football after it all had started for me on April 10, 1998!

When I started IndianFootball.Com in April 1998, the idea behind it was simple, to learn how to use HTML to create a website while informing others about Indian football around the world. There were no sources or websites on Indian football news outside of three/four online edition of Indian newspapers.

I did not expect the interest and positive feedback from day one, despite it being difficult to get infos sitting in Germany about football in India with no social media, apps, etc around but there were friends, journalist colleagues and contacts willing to help.

This started my journey in football which has allowed me to be not only in online media, but writing for newspapers and magazines, working for television and radio; while continuing to go into other areas of work within football and sports like management, administration and consulting besides even coaching and playing for a FC Bayern Munich legends team in Kolkata.

Football has taken me to countries, states and cities which I would have never visited or sometimes even known. It is work but work which I just love to do!

The rest as they say is history…

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been a part of my journey in football!!!

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