Are Germany, despite being hosts, the Dark Horse of Euro 2024?

The Euro 2024 is set to start on 14th June, with Germany being the hosts. Fans are excited and speculating on who might be the title holder of this invaluable tournament. Amidst all this excitement, Germany is not shown as a clear favourite for the tournament. Their recent drop in performance has left many with doubts about them winning the title despite having a home advantage. But with the tactical composure of experienced and young players along with Julian Nagelsmann’s strong lineup and strategy, is Germany, despite being hosts, the dark horse of Euro 2024?

Germany’s Historical Context

Germany’s football history is renowned, with three UEFA European Championship titles, a testament to their enduring legacy. Yet, their recent track record raises eyebrows. The early exit from the 2018 World Cup and the disappointing performance in Euro 2020 indicate a shift from their former dominance. This sets a stage of redemption for the German squad, potentially motivating them to reclaim glory on home ground.

Recent Form and Challenges

The German team has faced some inconsistency in their streak, with their form breaking apart after each game. Their inconsistent performances in recent tournaments suggest vulnerabilities that need addressing. These struggles position them as a dark horse, creating a situation of unpredictability and a potential comeback.

The Blend of Experience and Youth

An important aspect of Germany’s potential success lies in their squad composition. The squad consists of veterans like Thomas Müller and Manuel Neuer, who bring a wealth of experience and leadership that are crucial in high-stakes matches. Meanwhile, young talents such as Jamal Musiala and Florian Wirtz give the energy and creativity the team needs. This combination of professionals and rising stars can be a strong combo, offering strategic depth and dynamic play.

Betting Odds and Expectations

According to the EURO 2024 odds winner, Germany is not the favourite. They are positioned behind England and France, thereby entering the tournament as underdogs. This perception can be good for them, allowing the team to operate under less pressure and with greater freedom. The element of surprise, coupled with strategic play, could enable Germany to exceed expectations and make a significant impact in the tournament.

Home Advantage

Since Germany is hosting Euro 2024, it can provide them some edge over others. For once, they’re playing on familiar soil and are backed by passionate home supporters who can significantly boost the team’s morale and performance. This psychological advantage of home support cannot be underestimated, often tipping the scales in crucial moments.

However, history shows that home advantage is no guarantee of success. The 2006 FIFA World Cup is a great example, where the Germans lost the semi-finals and secured the third spot. Germany must balance the enthusiasm and pressure of hosting, using the support to fuel their performance while maintaining focus and composure.

Key Players to Watch

There are several key players to watch for in Germany’s squad that can boost their chances of winning. Toni Kroos has reversed his decision to retire from international football, so all eyes are on him to create the best plays. He might also need to partner up with defensive midfielder Robert Andrich to have more ball possession. Jamal Musiala and Florian Wirtz are also rising stars that fans are eyeing due to their recent star plays. Another promising player who could fit into the starting squad is Maximilian Mittelstädt. He has benefitted under the guidance of Hertha Berlin’s manager Sebastian Hoeness. He is also the only left-back for the German team, making him a key player to watch.

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