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Ajax’s Amsterdam ArenA to become the Johan Cruyff ArenA!

The board of the Amsterdam ArenA (Stadion Amsterdam), the management of AFC Ajax NV and the mayor and the City of Amsterdam councilors for Sports and Participation have agreed in a memorandum of agreement to change the name of the Amsterdam ArenA to the Johan Cruyff ArenA. With the change of name, the three sides want to give the best footballer to come out of Amsterdam and the Netherlands a worthy tribute. The name change is part of a package of agreements about the governance of the stadium and the ownership relationship.

Jordi Cruyff, son of Johann Cruyff on behalf of the family has been pleased to be honoured with the intention to change the name. Within six months, the agreements will be submitted in a final contract to the City Council, the boards and boards of Commissioners of Amsterdam and Ajax Stadium. In addition to the name change of the Amsterdam ArenA, the city council has decided to name a street, square, and bridge in the name to Johan Cruyff.

Johan Cruyff passed away on March 24, 2016. An Amsterdammer who has famed throughout the world for his contribution to football as a player, a football coach and a philantropist via his Foundation. The city is proud of the meaning Johan leaves for Amsterdam.

Within a week of his death, the mayor had a conversation with a representative of the Cruyff family. The mayor had expressed his sympathy for the family, and offered on behalf of the city council to realize a permanent tribute to Johan Cruyff in the city. The family and the mayor agreed to make arrangements over time. In the following months, the name change of ‘Amsterdam ArenA’ in ‘Johan Cruyff ArenA’ emerged as the most desirable form.

The mayor, at the request of the family and the city council, discussed the wish of a name change with the directors and councils of the Amsterdam ArenA and Ajax Amsterdam. Because the change of name has far-reaching consequences for potential commercial exploitation of the stadium and is also affected by the Amsterdam refurbishment carried out in the context of the municipality’s participation policy, the parties were forced to make integral agreements on various issues. In the following months, the three parties conducted different talks to explore the possibilities of tribute to Johan Cruyff, the ownership and adjustment of governance within the Amsterdam Stadium.

As a result, today on April 25, 2017, Johan Cruyff’s 70th birthday, the announcement of the three parties that they agreed to change the Amsterdam ArenA into the Johan Cruyff ArenA. There have also been agreements on a new ownership relationship and governance within the Stadion Amsterdam. Details will be further elucidated in a contract that will be submitted for approval to the City Council, the Supervisory Board and Supervisory Board of the Amsterdam and Ajax Stadium within six months.

The parties involved are convinced that Johan Cruyff’s memory and legacy is maintained in this way and expresses the hope that the Johan Cruyff ArenA will be a source of inspiration for footballers from all over the world.

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