Corinne Diacre no longer France Women’s head coach!

The Executive Committee of the French Football Federation (FFF), meeting this Thursday, March 9, received the conclusions of the commission commissioned by the interim President Philippe Diallo, to draw up an assessment of the situation of the France Women’s Team, following the various positions taken by several players.

Composed of four members of the Executive Committee (Laura Georges, Aline Riera, Jean-Michel Aulas and Marc Keller), this commission delivered its conclusions and proposed its recommendations. The numerous hearings conducted made it possible to establish the observation of a very significant fracture with senior players and highlighted a discrepancy with the requirements of the very high level. This divide has reached a point of no return that harms the interests of the selection.

If the FFF recognizes the involvement and seriousness of Corinne Diacre and her staff in the exercise of their mission, it appears that the dysfunctions observed seem, in this context, irreversible.

In view of these elements, it was decided to put an end to Corinne Diacre’s mission at the head of the France Women’s Team.

This change of coach is part of a new global ambition led by the FFF for the development of women’s football and the performance of the France team, which will have to achieve high objectives during the upcoming 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup (from July 20 to August 20) and the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Philippe Diallo asked the commission to hear, as soon as possible, the candidates for the post of coach and to make its recommendations.

The Executive Committee also noted that the way players express their criticism was no longer acceptable in the future and intends to propose in the governance of the France Women’s Team a complementary mission between the Executive Committee and the coach.

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