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Daniel Fröhlich will be the new head coach of FSV Gütersloh!

FSV Gütersloh have announce that Daniel Fröhlich will take over as head coach of their second division women’s team from the 2024/25 season. The 42-year-old A license holder succeeds Britta Hainke and Sammy Messalkhi, who will leave the club after the end of the current 2023/24 season.

Daniel Fröhlich brings a wealth of experience and expertise. He is currently successfully training the SC Verl U19 team and has contributed significantly to the development of the junior team over the past eight years. Under his leadership, SC Verl achieved promotion to the U19 Bundesliga in the 2021/2022 season.

“As in all the previous years in which I worked as a coach, there is great anticipation for the new season. After more than 20 years as a coach in the youth sector, the new position at FSV Gütersloh brings with it two more aspects. Firstly, I am happy I’m looking forward to the many new people I get to know. Since I’m always very loyal to the club, that’s very unusual for me. Furthermore, the anticipation of the team and the challenge of working as a coach in the adult sector are special “Great,” says Daniel Fröhlich, looking forward to his upcoming coaching job.

As head coach of FSV Gütersloh, Fröhlich will coach a women’s team for the first time. Fröhlich, who comes from Lippetal (Soest district) and now lives in Bad Waldliesborn, is preparing meticulously for this task. “Since it was clear to me that I would accept this opportunity at FSV, I have of course focused intensively on women’s football. On the one hand, in personal conversations with coaching colleagues, as well as the fact that I have become more aware of women’s football. Be it in training sessions or in games that I watched,” said Fröhlich. “Technically, tactically but also especially in terms of will and attitude, I see women’s football as being very well positioned. Physically, I still see potential for development.”

But what are the next steps with regard to the new season? Fröhlich: “As mentioned, I have of course done my research and will continue to do so and get input for the new season. I will continue to talk to all the players one by one over the next few weeks so that I can get my own impression of each player. Of course, there are many other tasks that need to be completed, such as planning the preparation. Getting to know the staff will also take place in the next few weeks.”

With a new coach, the team also expects new methods and new approaches on and off the pitch. “Basically, I always give everything for my players and for the club – no matter how successful or not successful we are,” says Fröhlich, describing himself as a coach. “I would say that I’m not ‘predictable’, so you can’t put me in a box. I can be both quiet and a little louder. Sometimes a little more modern, sometimes a little old school. More like the coach who uses the ball in every exercise. You will also be able to talk to me about anything. I’m always open to suggestions.”

“I value things that are self-evident (for me). That means a certain level of politeness, punctuality, etc.,” continues Fröhlich. “When it comes to sport specifically, I expect professional behavior and appearance. The willingness to perform as a team and to give everything for each other is a matter of course for me and something I demand from every single player.”

“In general, I always try to set ambitious goals in order to create a certain motivation to achieve them,” says the new FSV coach, looking at the new season. “In general, of course, the goal is always to support each individual player in their development in order to take the next step. If we can do this as a team, I think we can have a successful season.”

Daniel Fröhlich is accompanied by his assistant coach Rainer Borgmeier. The 58-year-old police chief inspector, who was himself an active footballer and played two games in the Bundesliga for FC Schalke 04, will support Fröhlich with his experience.

“We are very pleased that we can present Daniel Fröhlich as the new head coach of our first team. “Daniel did an excellent job during his time at SC Verl and also showed that he can work successfully with young talent,” says Markus Graskamp, sporting director of FSV Gütersloh. “He will also bring along his assistant coach, Rainer Borgmeier, who has played top-class football himself and has a lot of experience. I had the pleasure of playing with Rainer at FC Gütersloh during my playing days.”

“We are sure that Daniel and Rainer, together with the staff around them, will further develop our team in order to fully exploit the potential of our players in the coming 2024/25 season,” said Markus Graskamp with a view to the upcoming season.

Melvin Wulff will complete the coaching team as goalkeeping coach. Wulff is currently responsible as goalkeeper coach for the goalkeepers of the FSV junior teams and has also been training the goalkeepers of the first team since the second half of the season.

Daniel Fröhlich and Rainer Borgmeier have already been introduced to the team. The new coaching team will now plan the summer preparation in coordination with those responsible for the sporting area in the club. The 2nd Women’s Bundesliga will take place on the 24th/25th. The new 2024/25 season will start in August 2024.

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