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England vs. Spain: Where is the UEFA Champions League title going this season?

After a sensational semifinal round, we will see a classic England vs. Spain showdown in Paris this year. Many experts touted another all-English final, but that wasn’t to be as Manchester City failed to capitalize on their two-goal lead in the final seven minutes of the second leg and most of the line bets, like when you bet on MLB lines, were in favor of the City.

After winning the first leg in England, City only had to avoid defeat, and they are through to the final for the second year running. All was going well, and it even got better when Mahrez scored a beauty in the 73rd minute, and everyone felt it was going to be an all-English final for the second time. But that wasn’t meant to be, thanks to quick succession goals from Rodrygo.

The youngster came on and produced two classy goals to send the game to extra time, giving Madrid the lifeline they needed. We’ve seen this before, and the result was the same. Like deja vu, Madrid got an early goal in the extra time to seal their spot in the final for the 17th time in this competition.

Liverpool and Villareal’s match wasn’t as glorious as the other semifinal tie, but the first half of the second leg gave us something to hold on to. Villareal got two goals in the first half to give themselves a fighting chance as the aggregate was 2-2. However, they couldn’t hold on to the lead as they crumbled to Liverpool’s bombardment.

One could account that Villareal’s crumble was because of tactical error and inexperience, but some blame must go to Rulli, the Villareal goalkeeper. He could’ve helped the team stay in the game by saving the first goal. Liverpool justified their line like any favorite in typical MLB lines by winning the game 3-2.

With the semifinals done, the score between England and Spain is 1-1, and the UCL final will be the ultimate decider. The final will take place in Paris on the 28th of May. Before then, let’s look at how the teams might set up and who is likely to win.

Liverpool FC Overview

Liverpool’s season is far from over. After winning the Carabao cup early this year, the team can go all the way to become the first team in England to win the quadruple. They are currently in the UCL and FA cup finals, one point behind the league leaders. As a result, they have their work cut out for them this month.

It will not be an easy next few weeks for Klopp and the boys, even though they’re favorites in most games. Like when you’ll bet on favorites in Bet Us, you might want to avoid Liverpool in the coming games. Even though they might win most of the matches, there is a chance that the pressure would get to the players.

They can’t afford to slip up in any of their remaining matches as they could mean missing out on winning certain trophies. In that case, we think Klopp would have to prioritize some matches above others, and undoubtedly, the UCL final is the biggest of the season. So, we expect to see most of the key players get rested from games.

Liverpool also has a bone to pick with Real Madrid, and this final is the perfect stage to get their revenge. In 2018, Liverpool was the better team, but after losing their star player, Mohammed Salah, they couldn’t do anything against Madrid. And because of some goalkeeping errors, they lost the match. So, 2022 is their chance to get the much-needed revenge.

Real Madrid Overview

Real Madrid only has the final to look forward to as they’ve already won the La Liga title this season. Therefore, the team has enough time to work on their tactics and get enough rest. As a result, the team would be fresher and well-rested by the time they get to play in Paris. It is enough time for Ancelloti to get everyone firing and his backline staying solid.

In addition to that, the injured players have enough time to rest and get back to full fitness, which is the opposite for Liverpool. In addition to that, Madrid is the king of the UEFA Champions League as they’ve only lost three out of their 16 appearances in the final. It is a perfect chance for them to make it 14 UCL titles.

Our Thoughts and Predictions

We understand how exciting and unpredictable the UEFA Champions League can get. So, if you’re planning to place bets on the lines like you would with Bet Us, you need to know a few things. Both teams have UCL pedigrees. However, Madrid doesn’t have a tight schedule, giving the players enough time to rest and prepare.

On the other hand, Liverpool has to think of other matches, and almost all the games they have this month are tough ties that they need to win. Therefore, it won’t be easy for them. As a result, we think Real Madrid might just add this year’s UCL to their collection and make it 14.

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