Festive mood ahead of 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup Final as art students paint Alpona at VYBK Stadium!

Right from witnessing the first Indian goal in a FIFA World Cup to being the most-watched edition of FIFA U-17 World Cup in the history of the game, 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup India has unfolded many a newer chapter of the game but another one was shelved until the final, indeed a “colourful” special one.

Come this Saturday, the gigantic yet picturesque VYBK Stadium will welcome you in a more vibrant way with the sublime Alpona (Rangoli) over the pathway towards the stands which will lead you to witness the first-ever FIFA World Cup final ever held in the subcontinent, let alone the City of Joy.

“The love for football brought us here and we’re feeling privileged to work in such an event. We really thank FIFA, the Government of West Bengal, AIFF and other stakeholders for providing us with such a great opportunity,” Asim Mondal, a student of Government Art College sounded ecstatic while speaking to www.the-aiff.com in the middle of painting the broad roadway heading to the VYBK Stadium pitch.

Students from four art colleges — Kolkata Government College of Art and Craft, Vishwa Bharati, Indian Art College and Rabindra Bharati worked relentlessly to add a great flavour to the refurbished VYBK Stadium which has already earned huge plaudits from the teams and FIFA officials for its demeanour and passion for football.

“Amra Durga Puja ebong Jogodhatri pujoy kaj korechi, kintu FIFA World Cup’e kaj kore aj amra nijeder dhonyo mone korchi. Jotodin lok’e bharater buk’e prothom FIFA U-17 World Cup mone rakhbe, totodin amader ei kajo tader mone’e theke jabe” (We have worked during Durga Puja and Jagadhatri Puja before, but we are really feeling fortunate to have contributed to such a massive event like FIFA World Cup now. As long as people will recall the first FIFA World Cup held in India, they will remember our contribution as well, however small it might be), an emotional Anusree Biswas, a student of Kolkata Government College of Art and Craft could not hold her emotions back — the green paint drooping from her paint brush as she spoke her heart out.

Meanwhile, the creative bunch of people etched their name in history when they painted the longest Alponaever in history at Ashokenagar Nabajiban Pally during the Durga Puja in 2017 and they hogged the limelight for all the right reasons.

With Spain locking their horns with England in the final of the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup India, the World of football is waiting to crown a new world champion on October 28, 2017.

“Jara khela dejhte asben tara jodi amader kaj dekhte ekbar-o ontyoto daran, Final’er khelar sathe amader kaj’r katha mone rakhen, taholei amader porisrom sarthok,” (If the fans who come to watch the final stand for a moment and watch our Alopona, we would feel that our efforts haven’t gone waste), Ronita Bose’s eyes turned a bit moist. The artists are the most emotional creatures of the Almighty, no one can deny it.

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