Thursday , August 11 2022

FIFA announces pioneering collaboration with global technology leader KINEXON!

FIFA and world-leading technology provider KINEXON announced a first-of-its-kind collaboration in the field of Live Player Tracking. FIFA aims to utilize KINEXON’s tracking innovation expertise to advance the way clubs and players can receive next level insights on health and development, and also how the sport is presented to fans around the world. The FIFA Preferred Provider (FPP) initiative was launched to drive the development of Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS) in football. Not only will this initiative benefit FIFA and the global football community, but also KINEXON, who will collaborate with FIFA to develop new and innovative technologies to advance the sport.

To this point, KINEXON has worked with more than 400 clubs, leagues, and events worldwide to improve player and team performance, reduce injuries, accelerate return-to-play, and empower fans with previously inaccessible information to provide a deeper understanding and love for the game. KINEXON’s unique ability to provide automated insights and content is enabled by its industry-leading ultra-wideband and 5G-ready GNSS technologies, as well as its powerful real-time analytics platform.

Nicolas Evans, Head of Football Research & Standards at FIFA, said, “This is an important step for FIFA to innovate and further develop the game. It is key for us to work with industry thought leaders who have demonstrated their capabilities for forward-looking product innovation. As one of those companies, KINEXON will drive a better experience for all football stakeholders – players, clubs, leagues, federations, and fans. The next logical step is to ensure this data becomes available in real-time, so that users can react during games or in training and make informed decisions instantly. The goal is to define standards for high-quality and accurate live data sets that will help improve the game and match experience.”

Oliver Trinchera, Co-founder & Managing Director of KINEXON, said, “This collaboration has major significance for global football and the entire sports industry. We believe that Live Player Tracking will reshape the presentation and perception of sports around the world. Our technology greatly benefits players, clubs, and fans, bringing the entire football community to the next level of engagement and experience. This global collaboration with FIFA will bring digital evolution to the football field, while preserving the spirit of the game. Following our previous success with clubs, we are very proud to have come out on top after FIFA’s demanding selection process. Our role as FIFA’s Preferred Provider of Live Player Tracking confirms KINEXON as a pioneer of technological innovation in global sports, which makes us very proud.”

Maximilian Schmidt, Co-founder and CRO of KINEXON Sports & Media, said, “At KINEXON, our passion for the game is front and center. We believe in preserving football by driving digital innovation. We consider it our mission to create value and an enhanced experience for players, clubs, leagues, and the fans. Together with FIFA, we will develop and introduce new applications for the game we love, which will also drive our team to new heights.”

FIFA and KINEXON’s collaboration was announced at a virtual event, with more than 300 participants from all around the world. The speaker line-up included Julian Nagelsmann and Dominique Janssen, who talked about what this announcement means for the future of football.

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