Germany’s Joshua Kimmich Balances Natural Playmaking with Nurtured Speed!

nike-joshua-kimmich“Growing up, I reacted quicker than others in a lot of situations,” recalls 21-year-old German midfielder Joshua Kimmich. “Of course, many good players have those skills of anticipation, the ability to adapt quickly and read the game well. Initially, I was not the fastest player. But I had other strengths, like my passing game and anticipation.”

As he moved up the leagues to the top level, Kimmich realized that he had to train harder to match the speed of competition.

Kimmich’s versatility and promise sprung from training — where the focus is balancing his football intelligence and pace. This regime has helped position him as a standout performer for both club and country.

By the 2015/16 season, he began to reap the benefits of his training. Kimmich’s key weakness was transformed into strength, ultimately enabling him to keep up with the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang — one of Europe’s quickest players.

The payoff is further demonstrated by accomplished performances for club at centre back in European competition, at right back for his country during the summer in France or more typically in central midfield.

His incessant desire to push himself to his limits has fuelled his swift development. Honing his natural feel for the game within a relentless, speed-focused training program has allowed Kimmich to maximize performance where it matters most: on the pitch. Thus far this season, Kimmich has tallied four goals in the league and three at international level.

“The biggest motivation to train hard every day comes from myself. I want to constantly improve and turn my weaknesses into strengths,” he says. “After games, I study my performance closely and examine key situations to improve my decision making in future matches.”

“That hard work and dedication is paying off – my on-pitch speed and decision-making play a pivotal role,” Kimmich continues. “Ultimately it all comes down to scoring goals and winning — the purpose of playing football. Winning is an incredible feeling that I always strive for.”

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