Friday , April 19 2024

LALIGA launches new FAST channel with uninterrupted institutional content!

LALIGA has created a new channel dedicated to getting to know the organisation from the inside, offering a corporate perspective and engaging content for the sports industry.

As such, ‘LALIGA Inside’ becomes a unique and pioneering channel among the major leagues, with institutional content such as documentaries and reports from LALIGA GENUINE, LALIGA Studios and LALIGA+, as well as institutional events, interviews with directors and content created by the clubs themselves. The channel will also feature sports content, such as LALIGA EA SPORTS and LALIGA HYPERMOTION recaps.

This linear channel, with 24-hour uninterrupted broadcasting, will be available on LALIGA+ at no extra cost to the customer. It can also be seen on Samsung devices free of charge through the Samsung TV PLUS streaming service. Similarly, ‘LALIGA Inside’ will be available on other FAST platforms such as Xiaomi TV+, Tivify and LG Channels.

LALIGA’s second linear channel

With this FAST channel, LALIGA offers a new linear channel with uninterrupted 24-hour content following the launch of LALIGA+, LALIGA’s original OTT linear channel, already available on various platforms such as LALIGA Bars, Samsung TV PLUS, Xiaomi TV+, LG Channels, Rakuten TV, +Media TV, Orange TV, Tivify and Agile TV. With the FAST LALIGA+ channel, all users on these platforms can enjoy live content from major competitions such as the Copa Conmebol Libertadores, AFC Champions League, Taça de Portugal, LEB Oro basketball, Plenitude handball, athletics competitions and Sail GP regattas.

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