Friday , April 19 2024

LALIGA welcomes visit of Ecuador’s Minister of Telecommunications & Society Information!

LALIGA welcomed the visit of Ecuador’s Minister of Telecommunications and Society Information, César Martín, in order to showcase the organisation’s work regarding technology, anti-piracy and to showcase LALIGA Content Protection and “Fight against live piracy”.

César Martín visited LALIGA to learn about the different projects that are being carried out and how they are being developed. One of the initiatives that most interested the Minister was the fight against piracy being undertaken by the leading football competition in Spain.

During the visit, he attended a session in the anti-piracy department laboratory to see how LALIGA develops different tools to fight piracy. He had the opportunity to see how blocks are carried out dynamically and how LALIGA deals with the problems generated by the pirating of live content. In addition, the traceability strategy and the strategy against the sale of satellite and IPTV decoders were also explained.

Javier Tebas, President of LALIGA, stated: “It’s a pleasure that a country like Ecuador is interested in seeing how we are fighting piracy. A visit like this allows us to understand how other institutions work, to share knowledge and to step forward in a fight that involves all of us”.

César Martín, Ecuador’s Minister of Telecommunications and Society Information, highlighted: “The importance for our country to learn directly about the LALIGA Content Protection anti-piracy system, which is successfully implemented by this Association, the largest in the world, so as to adopt similar measures in Ecuador, based on these best practices”.

LALIGA stresses the importance of working together with non-sports and international institutions to promote a culture of respect for intellectual property rights.

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