Thursday , May 30 2024

Nike, Converse & Jordan Brand discuss the Future of Sustainable Design & Innovation!

From game-changing football kits made of recycled plastic bottles to the more climate-friendly development of Nike Air, NIKE, Inc. has a decades-long history in sustainable design and innovation. With a rally cry to help protect the future of sport, the charge to envision a better world has inspired a steady progression of ambitious benchmarks and more radical product.

With Move to Zero, NIKE, Inc.’s journey toward zero carbon and zero waste, our mindset is clear. Accelerated investigation of the varied opportunities in circular design combine with an unwavering optimism.

A creative spark permeating through NIKE, Inc.’s product line managers, materials design directors, color materials graphics directors and innovation and sustainable design leads reminds that, at its core, the future of sustainable design and innovation is driven by human ingenuity.

New product from across all three NIKE, Inc. brands underscores the energy around circular design principles and the unified end-to-end effort required for progress. Exploratory design is highly visible through Nike’s Space Hippie and Revival lines, the Jordan Brand Crater collection and Converse Crater and Renew footwear.

While each of these examples offer an overt aesthetic statement on the dynamic promise of circular design, the promise of a better future is no less apparent in subtler articulations.

Across Converse, Jordan and Nike, teams are sweating the details and enacting creative solutions at all levels of product creation. Considerations are made for trims, dye techniques, pattern efficiencies and material sourcing. Individually, on any given product, the impact is near hidden to the naked eye. However, when combined and scaled, the effect of these changes is significant. Check out the highlighted sustainably-designed products on for evidence.

Here, representatives of Converse, Jordan Brand and Nike discuss the challenge and joy of the effort.

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