Tuesday , April 16 2024

PIFA organise final Webinar module on Women’s Football in India!

Mumbai-based PIFA Foundation have been hosting a special series of webinars on Indian Women’s Football from May 14 with the final webinar happening on Sunday, May 17 about the Club’s perspective on Indian Women’s Football.

The final PIFA Foundation webinar presented by Häfele will take place from 4pm to 6pm.

The webinar will feature Seeni Mohaideen (Sethu FC),Laxman Bhattrai (Kickstart FC), Kamal (Bangalore United), Ashok Kumar (Gokulam Kerala FC), Sonika Bijaria (Alakhpura FC), other besides myself Arunava Chaudhuri.

For participants the webinar aims to give an overall perspective of all stakeholders involved and interact with national and international experts to take this beautiful game to the next level.

To register go to: Webinar on Indian Women’s Football

For further information you can call or WhatsApp the PIFA mobile number under 98202 68365.

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