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Play Poker and Win Real Money on these top Apps in India!

India has been a pioneer in offering digital poker games ever since a few yesteryears. The nation has been at the forefront of these games as of today. If you want to explore the range of card gaming apps on the Internet, it is time to get an insight into the most popular apps.

Today, more than billions of players in India have registered their names on these apps. So, are you ready to embark on the journey of poker games online? Before you step forward, we are here to give you a better understanding of the different apps offering an astounding list of gaming apps. So, are you ready to get an in-depth insight? Let’s not waste time and move on to the given narration:


By far, GetMega is one of the best and ideal mobile apps that entertain rummy gamers. With so many rummy games, GetMega stands at the summit with intuitive controls & realistic gameplay. Interestingly, it also offers you an excellent opportunity to immerse into the poker gaming world. Allow yourself to play pool, points, and deals rummy besides other poker games. GetMega offers you a great chance to win real money by competing against real payers online.

You can get a chance to play poker games such as Omaha, Texas Holdem, Pot-limit Omaha, and No-limit around different stakes. With so many real players online, players can also enjoy the actions and thrills associated with the competition.


The next poker game platform is the PokerStars. Well, it is another digital poker cardroom that has earned the position of being the largest real money online site. It controls over 2/3rd of the overall poker market. If you want to play on this platform, it is imperative to register today. The best part is that this app allows you to compete against real players. So, are you interested already? Download the app at the soonest.

Real Poker

Real Poker is the third-best online gaming app aiming to ensure each player enjoys the game. There’s an extensive number of poker members in India, with multiple gamers registering each day. No doubt, it is still one of the fast-growing poker apps in the Indian market. With different poker tournaments occurring every day, you can win real money by competing against known and unknown (real) players.

Party Poker

Party Poker is the fourth most popular online poker gaming platform. Launched in 2001, this gaming app has much to offer. If you are interested in playing, it is high time you register your name with the app. Now is the right time to install the app on your phone and register at the soonest.

Poker Party provides you with a wide range of tournaments with multiple prize levels for multi-table and single-table tournaments. Much to the knowledge of fans, Party Poker tournaments are available 24*7. So, players get a chance to enrol their names in the game.

Zynga Poker

The next app on this list is Zynga Poker, which is again an immensely prominent app. Zynga developed this game, and it is an app for the social-networking website Facebook. Besides, Android, MySpace, iPhone, Tagged, and Google+ users can also play games on this platform. The game was launched in 2007. Now, it has over 35 million monthly active users.

Zynga Poker allows Facebook gamers to simulate playing in a wonderful environment. Users can easily enter the casino lobby, play at the table, or join friends. Also gamers may also select casual Texas Hold ’em tables, VIP tables, or tournament play. Surprisingly, the leaderboard offers players the rankings and allows them to receive or send gift items.

MPL Poker

The last one on this list is the MPL Poker app. Currently, it is now celebrating three years. You can get wonderful prizes and cash rewards from this app. If you wish to enjoy the games on this platform, do not hesitate. It is high time you download this app. The game offers a wide range of features, and the best part of registering for the game is the price received in Gold – ₹75.

Once you win the games in Gold, you can earn this much money accordingly. In addition to this, every player can earn ₹20 Lakh if they win the games accordingly. You can play poker games on this platform & stand your chance to win around ₹65 Lakh. For free tournaments, you can play tournaments & win a ticket to ₹1 Lakh tournament at 9 PM.

Now that you have learned the intricate details associated with the best poker platforms, what makes you wait here? Go and grab your offer. And don’t stop earning. Give your best to earn the real rewards accordingly. Here’s wishing you good luck.

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