Tuesday , April 16 2024

Podcast – 420Grams Ep5: Ashley Westwood (former Bengaluru FC coach)!

This is a podcast on Indian football under the curious name of 420grams featuring the host Arjun Pandit and this time former Bengaluru FC head coach Ashley Westwood.

…Bring your vodka and your Charlie.” That was the song Bengaluru FC fans sang with alarming repitition, over the three years the Englishman ran the club, as they dominated all domestic opposition. Much like Jamie Vardy, who was the original inspiration for the chant, Westwood is very, very English in his football education and philosophy. In Bengaluru, that philosophy became the foundation of a club that was determined to be a force on the Indian football scene. In this chat with Arjun Pandit, Westood talks straight about the gaps between Indian football and the world and revisits his extraordinary three years at BFC.

The people behind the 420grams podcast say: Contrary to what the majority of you is thinking, this is not a podcast about marijuana. Although it could be, from time to time. This is your regular dose of the inside goings-on in Indian football presented by three men in a tub, with a deep personal investment in the sport and the country. 420grams wants to be an honest and engaging conversation space.

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