Sunday , October 2 2022

ProIndia becomes the analytics partner of LNFS England!

LNFS England has announced an exclusive partnership with ProIndia to provide match analysis for their Member Clubs during the 2021/22 and 2022/23 seasons. This partnership will provide data that helps coaches and players assess and improve both individual and team performances.

The ProIndia match analysis system currently includes the following metrics for teams and players, linked to match video clips so that players and coaches can focus on individual players or phases of play:

  • Possession %
  • Goals and assists
  • Total Shots
  • Shots on Target
  • Shot Conversion Rate
  • Passes Completed
  • Chances Created
  • Successful Tackles
  • Successful Interceptions
  • Duels Won
  • Total Saves
  • Total Fouls
  • Activity, vector, and distribution maps

Proindia will be provided LNFS England Premiership matchday videos for analysis during both the 2021/22 and 2022/23 seasons, plus play-off matches.

According to the Commercial Director of LNFS England Peter Sharples, “Aparup is a thinking administrator and doing a great job. This initiative is part of LNFS England’s commitment to help futsal clubs develop and improve performance both on and off the court.”

ProIndia founder Aparup Chakraborty added, “This marks a new era for global futsal with the introduction of analytics for futsal, a data driven technological solution that will help every team and players to evaluate their performance and tune up their game! Objective information allows for more evidence-based decisions and reduces those based on speculation. Databases cannot replace Scouts, but rather that they can complement their talent identification skills.”

“With StepOut we are building a technological ecosystem for sports, where not only the players but the coaches, analysts, clubs etc everyone can get the benefit of data and technology. We aim to create a data-driven evaluation and guidance system for the players to enhance their development both technically and tactically” said Sayak Ghosh, the Founder of StepOut.

Jeet Karmakar, co-founder added, “In the long run, we want to create a place where for example, a 13 year-old aspiring Indian footballer is able to compare his performance with a 13-year-old from Spain or England and understand what he needs to do to become better than them!”

As per Aparup, performance analysis can be used in the following areas to add value to a sports programme: Strategic Thinking, Training, (Pre-Competition, In-Competition, and Post-Competition Debrief).

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