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RG Punjab FC’s CK Vineeth: I want to work on the team’s targets!

He is a match-winner, and a versatile player who is equally comfortable playing in the wings, and even as a striker. As the I-League 2021-22 knocks on the door, CK Vineeth opens up about his new club RoundGlass Punjab FC, reunion with Head Coach Ashley Westwood, targets for the season, the evolution of the League structure, and much more.

You have played in all parts of India. How has your experience been so far after having signed for RoundGlass Punjab FC?

Nine years ago I had moved to Kolkata to sign for Prayag United, and ever since I have signed for RoundGlass Punjab FC, I have been training at the same grounds which I used to train back then. It feels very good to be able to come back to the same place where I grew as a footballer. Of course, having Ashley Westwood as the Head Coach and a lot of my former teammates in the dressing room is great.

Since joining RoundGlass Punjab FC, this is the first time in two or three years that I have enjoyed training, and playing football this much. Pre-season has been great so far and I am glad to see that there are several talented youngsters in the team who have enormous potential. The club is making a lot of efforts to develop the game at the grassroots level as well, and I am very happy to play for this team.

How much of a comfort zone is it to get reunited with some of your former teammates, all of whom had taken Indian club football by storm. What has changed?

It’s a great feeling. We made many memories together playing at other clubs, and what the coach expects of me and several teammates is very clear and crisp. This makes for a great environment on and off the pitch, and I’m really enjoying every minute. There is a great bonding between all the players – the new ones and those who were here last season. We are eagerly waiting for the season to start.

Have you set any personal targets this season?

I have personal targets for every season. But I’ll be honest in saying that in the last few years I have not been able to achieve them. I like to keep my targets to myself, because I want to work hard towards them and not have people talk about it. They are personal targets, as you mentioned, and apart from them, I want to work on the team’s targets.

You went on to have your own experience with Incredible India where you travelled widely. What prompted you to do that?

Traveling is one of my favourite hobbies, along with photography. In the last season I managed to find some time to make a few trips. It was something that I had been planning for five or six years. It wasn’t something that was done in a spur of the moment, but more of something that had been in my mind as a part of my bucket list for quite some time. India truly is an incredible place, and there are so many parts of this country that I still haven’t seen. Every journey I made and every day I spent away from home taught me so much and widened my understanding of life in general.

There have also been occasions when your conscience drew you out of your comfort zone to listen to the call of the society – the latest example being the time when you served the community during the pandemic. Is it all due to your upbringing?

I am someone who believes that, as a human being, it is everyone’s duty to stand up for each other. I have a few opinions that I believe are right and what I feel and believe is right is what I stand for and speak up about. I have expressed my views on many issues and if some people do not agree with them, I am completely fine with that.

You have signed for a I-League club after a long time. As per your observation, what are the changes that you see in the League structure?

The I-League is where I started playing professional football. I was in the Indian Super League last year, and I can see very clearly that all the I-League clubs are working hard to provide the same things – with regards to training facilities, accommodation, nutrition, and everything else.

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