Monday , January 18 2021

Savio Medeira: Online Scouting Workshop will help potential scouts dive deeper into details!

The Online Scouting Workshop arranged by All India Football Federation (AIFF) and the International Professional Scouting Organisation (IPSO) would help the participants further under comprehend the details of scouting, feels AIFF Head of Coaching and Education Savio Medeira.

The ongoing Online Scouting Workshop, which is the first of its kind arranged under an MoU signed by the AIFF and IPSO, spanned across four days from September 8-11.

“The online course and the webinar has helped potential scouts to understand the details of scouting. It gives a different perspective while analysing a player for a particular position,” said Medeira. “The deeper you dive into the details of a single player, the more likely you will be able to identify a player that may have the potential to move to the top,” he added.

The former India International went on state how the technical knowledge imparted during the workshop would go on to help the potential scouts, and in turn, help the football ecosystem move forward together.

“Due to the vast variety of team setups, a player may sometimes not play under the same instructions or positions in two different matches. Technical knowledge helps to zero-in on how diverse the player can be in his roles and responsibilities, and adapt accordingly,” said Medeira. “It will definitely help Indian coaches keep an eye on talent which has been untapped in a country which is vast in size.”

IPSO director Colin Chambers, who was the instructor for the four-day workshop, believes that the information imparted to the attendees for the four days will help them “overcome the biases” involved in scouting.

“The Bias workshop is to make sure you fully understand the complications if you don’t look at a player clearly with an open mind. It’s giving you a process of assessment you can practice before coming on the live courses and test it so you can put them to full practice when you come on the live course,” said Chambers.

The IPSO director further stated that he was impressed by how interactive the sessions have been, with interesting questions coming in from the participants.

“So far I’m impressed with some very interesting questions and the students are coming across as very inquisitive and very intelligent football enthusiasts who look like they want to make a difference, we’re very impressed by them,” he quipped.

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