Several football associations sanctioned by FIFA after discriminatory & unsporting conduct of Fans!

fifaFIFA today confirmed sanctions imposed on several football associations for the discriminatory and unsporting conduct of fans during recent 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying matches.

Following match reports and additional evidence generated by the Anti-Discrimination Monitoring System, FIFA opened disciplinary proceedings against associations including those of Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Italy and Albania.

Since Chile had committed another infringement during the probation period imposed in May 2016, a ‎ban on playing at the Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos in Santiago for a further match will be applied. The stadium ban will be served at the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying match between Chile and Venezuela on March 28, 2017. In addition, the Chilean FA was fined a total of CHF 65,000 for two cases.

Moreover, Honduras was fined a total of CHF 65,000 for two cases, while Albania was fined CHF 50,000, El Salvador CHF 45,000, Italy CHF 30,000, Mexico CHF 30,000, Peru CHF 30,000, Paraguay CHF 25,000, Argentina CHF 25,000, Canada CHF 20,000 and Brazil CHF 20,000 for individual cases.

All of the proceedings relate to incidents involving discriminatory and unsporting conduct by fans, including homophobic chants in some instances. The Disciplinary Committee took the decisions after analysing all of the specific circumstances of each case, in particular, the match officials’ reports, the position adopted by the association (if applicable) as well as the anti-discrimination match observer’s report and the relevant evidence available. Mitigating circumstances were also taken into account in some cases, including the member associations’ efforts to raise awareness among spectators and fight discrimination. The committee has absolute discretion regarding the evaluation of proof (cf. art. 97 par. 1 of the FDC). The concerned parties have been notified of the decisions.

Besides the monitoring and sanctions of potential incidents, FIFA has put in place a comprehensive strategy to tackle discrimination, which includes the FIFA Good Practice Guide on Diversity and Anti-Discrimination, training, awareness-raising and the support of member associations in developing robust educational and preventive measures.

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