Sunday , September 25 2022

Subrata Dutta & Larsing Ming excluded from AIFF electoral college!

Veteran football administrators Subrata Dutta and Larsing Ming’s nominations ahead of the All India Football Federation’s (AIFF) elections have been rejected by the poll’s returning officer Umesh Sinha.

According to the order of the Supreme Court of India, the returning officer prepared the final list of voters comprising representatives from 36 state associations and 36 eminent football players from all over India — 24 male and 12 female.

But the final list saw the exclusion of Subrata Dutta (IFA – West Bengal chairman) and Larsing Ming (Meghalaya) besides Mahesh Gawli and Shanmugam Venkatesh for working for the AIFF, Steven Dias as there is a discrepancy on his number of India international matches, while Jammu & Kashmir and Tamil Nadu cannot send a representative due to the unclear status of the state football association.

But the exclusion of Subrata Dutta and Larsing Ming has created a lot of ripples as their home state associations are considering of reaching out to the Supreme Court.

The problems around the governance of the All India Football Federation continue with the AIFF elections and the constitution still not really sorted.

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