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New CA Belgrano jersey pays tribute to national history!

The new jersey of Club Atlético Belgrano is a vibrant tribute to the history and legacy of the Flag of Macha, conceived and raised by Manuel Belgrano during the Argentine independence struggle. With its distinctive sky blue and white colors and inspired by the iconic emblem, the jersey features a …

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The new Errea-made jersey of Club Atletico Belgrano celebrate inclusion!

Erreà and Club Atletico Belgrano are pleased to present the new jerseys, which pay tribute to its long tradition as an open, inclusive institution committed to fighting against all forms of discrimination. The history of Club Atletico Belgrano is shaped by a deep sense of community, rooted in a multicultural …

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Errea launch new Club Atletico Belgrano kit!

Erreà has presented the new Club Atletico Belgrano shirt, which features a new intense blue colour that represents the passion and strength of the Belgrano. The graphic design, based on Rodrigo, depicts a colt surrounded by stars and constellations, giving the garment a magical and celestial touch. The detail on …

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Errea signs Club Atletico Belgrano’s third jersey!

Erreà Sport and Argentina’s Club Atlético Belgrano present the third jersey of the current De Alma Pirata 2022 collection. After the initial success of the work focused on the search for the purest identity of Belgrano, here is the new shirt game uniform that reinforces the pirate idiosyncrasy and the …

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