Tata Football Academy grooms the next generation of footballers #2!

The Jamshedpur FC Youth Team (TFA) has become a standard bearer for top quality football education and all round development, so it should come as no surprise that the cadets being groomed at the famed Tata Football Academy are among the best in the business.

Glen Gigi is among the players attempting to make it big in the U15 category, and with a rich background in sports, has the know-how to succeed at the highest level.

“I’m from Kerala but my parents are both teachers working in Delhi. My father is a coach so he motivated me and pushed me towards this profession,” Gigi said.

Playing in midfield means a load of responsibilities for young Gigi, but he appears to be learning well from his idols, who can play in multiple attacking positions and drop back if needed.

“My favourite player is Lionel Messi but at Jamshedpur FC I really like how Ritwik Das plays,” the 15-year-old remarked.

Messi may be a popular choice but Ritwik Das’ recent successes in a JFC shirt appears to have caught the eye of young footballers, and players like Gigi are lucky to be around quality talent like the man from Asansol.

“I have had previous experience playing football but nothing like TFA. I heard about the trials through my father and it was a tough trial because many kids from around the country turned up.

“I was really happy to get selected, as were my parents. Now I’m clear that I want to one day play for Jamshedpur FC and represent my country.”

Gigi is one of many academy players also gaining experience as referees in the ongoing Jamshedpur Golden Baby League on Sunday mornings at the Archery Ground at JRD Tata Sports Complex, working with even younger players and learning even more about the game.

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