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The rise of 7 Wasa United Sports & Cultural Club – helping the community to the national stage!

A club which was formed to help the local community thrive and engage in the beautiful game, Niaw Wasa United Sports and Cultural Club have risen rapidly through the ranks! They will soon participate in the inaugural edition of the Futsal Club Championship, and they will be trying to continue living this dream.

When ex-footballer Monlang Nongtdu saw kids in his neighbouring areas of Meghalaya play football without any coaches or proper training, an idea came to his mind and he decided to form a small amateur club where kids could be given free footballing education. In that year itself, the infant club took part in the U-16 regional tournament and became champions. Since that day, there has been no turning back for the owner, Mr. Monlang Nongtdu and his team as they went on to win tournaments and leagues around their state.

With the Futsal Club Championship coming up, Wasa United SCC coach, Mr. Dameki Patwet had some interesting thoughts about futsal and how it has helped his team in forming a cohesive unit. “In Futsal, it’s very difficult to find spaces on the pitch like football. The players have to be on their toes all the time, with the smallest mistake can result in the opposition scoring a goal”, said coach Patwet.

He continued, “There are some huge advantages for regular futsal players. They learn the art of decision-making in quick time, while improving their movement, tactics, techniques, dribbling and skills as well.”

With the tournament approaching quickly, the coach was quick to highlight the mood in the camp. “The players are feeling great ahead of the Futsal Club Championship. We have got the opportunity to face some of the biggest teams in India, coming from the I-League and Indian Super League. This can be a learning curve for our players and staff, who will also get some experience and help us reach that same level someday.”

Mr. Patwet is excited to see his team in action against teams at a very high level. He said, “As we come here, we want our players to concentrate on their own talent. Only then can they feel excited and enjoy the game.”

Coming from Meghalaya, the coach is sure that they have the support of their fans back home. “After a lot of hardwork in the past few years, we are finally at a national level competition. Our fans back home know that we are in Delhi and they will support us with their heart and soul,” enthused Mr. Patwet.

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