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VfL Bochum announce Talentwerk academy coaches for 2023/24 season!

VfL Bochum 1848’s performance centre has created clarity regarding sporting responsibilities for the 2023/24 season. Heiko Butscher has already been at the helm of the Talentwerk’s overall sports division since October 2022.

As already known, the football coach will also continue to act as coach of the U19 juniors. A-license holder Maximilian Kögel, who previously coached the U13 juniors, will take over as head of training.

In terms of coaching appointments, some team responsibilities are changing – in line with the rotation set out in the Talentwerk. Football coach David Siebers, currently still the U16 coach, will accompany his cohort to the U17s next season. Siebers also serves as squad planner for teams from U13 to U19.

Simon Schuchert takes over the new U16 cohort and will be responsible for it for the next two seasons. Benjamin Seifert also accompanies his U14 juniors to the U15. Dennis Gieseker takes over the new U14 cohort and will be responsible for them for the next two years.

In the youngest blue and white teams there are one or two personnel changes. While Niklas Mieberg will take over the U13 juniors, Max Sabottka will be in charge of the U12s in the future. Thus, Sabottka, who is also the sporting director of the U9 to U12, exercises a dual function.

Mathijn Mares, previously U10 coach, will become U11 coach. Marc Werner will once again coach the U9s, VfL’s youngest age group. There is a new face in the coaching position for the U10 juniors. Nils Nowotsch, previously co-coach of the U11s, is leading a Talentwerk team for the first time.

In addition, Marc-André Kruska will remain with Talentwerk. The former professional will continue as co-coach of the U19 juniors and take on additional sporting duties.

At the beginning of the year, VfL had already reorganized the management of its performance center. Since then, the management of the talent center has consisted of three people. In addition to Heiko Butscher, the overall Head of Sport, the top management team is completed by Dominik Horsch as Head of Strategy and Development and Timo Saviano as Head of Administration. Horsch moved to VfL from the German Football Association on January 1, 2023.

Overview – the Talentwerk coaches in the 2023/24 season:

– U19: Heiko Butscher (2005/2006)
– U17: David Siebers (2007s)
– U16: Simon Schuchert (2008s)
– U15: Benjamin Seifert (2009s)
– U14: Dennis Gieseker (2010s)
– U13: Niklas Mieberg (2011s)
– U12: Max Sabottka (2012s)
– U11: Mathijn Mares (2013s)
– U10: Nils Nowotsch (2014s)
– U9: Marc Werner (2015/2016)

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