VIDEO: We Care – XtraTime’s Noble Initiative!

XtraTimeA match of football makes your adrenaline run sublime to its zenith. Few of us really understand the ups and downs that the players face in reality. The main component that makes the players popular are the trail of fan following. If you are a Bong (Bengali) you know the excitement of sitting in the stadium or in front of the television sets for a football match between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan.

Footballers are famous and so are their die-hard fans; the ardent lovers of Mohun Bagan and East Bengal never fail to cheer for their supporting teams.

Therefore, took a noble initiative with the concerned #SportsForFans towards helping two ardent fans Bapi Maji and Alip Chakraborty; the former a Mohun Bagan fan and latter an East Bengal Fan. WE CARE as the name of the auction goes, arranged by XtraTime to help the families of cancer patient Bapi and late Alip so that they could be helped in their hour of need.

This is a great initiative by XtraTime & its team. Good work & you have my full support!!!

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