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VIDEO – Joma: The Villarreal CF shirt that shows you Europe!

JomaSpanish La Liga side Villarreal CF is a club with a great following that always accompanies the team to watch them play all over Europe. Many a time the club’s fans simply go to watch the match and then return home, meaning that they come back knowing little more than the result.

But this year it is different, as the club has returned to the UEFA Champions League, and to celebrate it Joma has created the Villarreal shirt that shows you around Europe. It is the first football shirt to include an audio guide, so that fans can learn all about the cities they visit while waiting for the matches to kick off. Because now that the team returns to Europe, it’s about time that they got properly acquainted.

That is why Joma uses Shazam, an app that identifies music, which has also developed a visual recognition technology that allows pictures to be identified. And now, for the first time, it is going to be applied to fabric, to the emblem of the Villarreal shirt. In order for fans to be able to listen to the audio guide recordings, they will just have to open the Shazam app, activate the camera, scan the emblem and be guided through the cities on the different parts of the shirt.

The first audio guide will be available as soon as the first city that the team will visit this year in the Champions League is confirmed. The rest of them will be activated as the competition progresses and Villarreal travels to new cities.

To promote this campaign, Joma has made an original advert with appearances from Armando and Carmelo, two fans of Villarreal that have been the first to discover this shirt.

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