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Who will advance from Group I in the qualification for UEFA EURO 2024: Preview!

53 national teams, which are divided into 10 groups, take part in the qualification for the European Championship 2024. Of these teams, the top 20 in their quintets and sextets will advance to the final stage of the tournament.

The national teams of Switzerland, Romania, Israel, Kosovo, Andorra and Belarus are fighting for tickets to the final part of the European Championship 2024 from the “I” sextet. Based on the form of the teams and the latest results, it is possible to predict with greater accuracy who will be able to enter the groups.


The Red Crusaders exemplarily held two starting rounds of qualification. In both matches, Switzerland won resoundingly and shutout. First, the guys of Murat Yakin on a neutral field in the Serbian city of Novi Sad beat Belarus with a score of 5:0. The Swiss then returned to Geneva and had no difficulty with the Israelis. Ruben Vargans, Zeki Amduni and Silvan Widmer scored accurate shots for Team A in that match. After two rounds, the Nati lead the tournament, but they are ahead of the second Romanians only in additional indicators.

The group of the Swiss was not difficult and the Red Crusaders are quite capable of finishing in the top two. Based on the composition and game form of the “team-A”, it is highly likely that they will make it to the final part of the European Championship 2024.

“Karpatsky guys” had a great start in two starting rounds of the current competition and settled on the second line in the standings. Romanians concede to the first Swiss by a difference of the hammered and missed balls, and the third Kosovars are ahead on four points. In the debut game of the tournament, the “chickens” beat Andorra away. Then the guys of Edward Yordenescu in Bucharest minimally beat Belarus.

In terms of play, the “yellows” look pretty good, but it will be difficult for the team to impose a fight on the Swiss for the first line. At the same time, the “tricolors” may well take the second ticket to the next round. Although Nicolae Stanciu and company still have a lot of games ahead. If you like to bet on football and play in the casino, then we recommend doing it at pari match casino.


The Blue-Whites started their way in the current qualification extremely uncertainly. In the starting round in Tel Aviv, Israel was able to get away from defeat, but only played a draw with Kosovo. The Israelis then went to Geneva, where they were defeated by the Swiss. Having scored only one goal in these matches, in response, the “team” conceded four goals. As a result, after the March battles, the team of Alon Khazan is in the penultimate place in the sextet and is five points behind the leaders.

Due to the instability and loss of points in two starting rounds, the Israelis are unlikely to be able to compete for one of the tickets to the next round of competition. Although Eli Dasa and the company will make every effort to make a sensation.


The Golden Boys have not yet won the current tournament, but they have not suffered defeat either. In two starting rounds, the guys of Alain Giresse tied with the same score 1:1. In the first round, Kosovo did not reveal the strongest in Tel Aviv with Israel, and in the second round they played the world in Pristina with Andorra. Having settled down on the third line, the Kosovars are four points behind the Romanians and the Swiss.
The “golden boys” have a fairly good selection of players, but the team does not differ in stability in the game. So Amir Rrahmani and partners will most likely not be able to rise above the third place in the sextet.


“Postmen” are a rather weak national team, but in the starting two rounds in terms of play, the Andorran players showed themselves well. At first, Koldo’s wards did not lose devastatingly in their native walls of Romania. Then the “tricolor” on the road tied with Kosovo. Having conceded at the 59th minute, the representatives of the principality restored parity after 120 seconds.

The Tricolors have already scored important points, so the selection will no longer be a failure for the team. In addition, the “postmen” must compete with Belarus not to end up in last place.


“White Wings” disgustingly played the first two qualifying matches. First, Belarus was declassed by the Swiss. Then the guys of Georgy Kondratiev lost to the Romanians in Bucharest. Having scored only one goal in these fights, Yevgeny Yablonsky and company conceded seven goals.

“White Wings” are not stable in terms of play and play disgustingly in defense. Based on this, one should not expect special achievements from this national team.

Our forecast

Belarus and Andorra are the main outsiders of the group, which are likely to finish at the bottom of the standings. Israel and Kosovo, most likely, will compete with each other for the third line, and the “blue-white” and “golden boys” will not be able to rise higher. The Romanians are in a position to finish second, and the “I” sextet, probably Switzerland, will win.

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