Friday , May 20 2022

Women’s Bundesliga & 2nd Women’s Bundesliga want to stay under Germany’s DFB umbrella!

The clubs in the Women’s Bundesliga and 2nd Women’s Bundesliga are not thinking of outsourcing after the application by the Rhineland Football Association (Fußball-Verbandes Rheinland), but are striving for a sustainable professionalisation for their leagues under the umbrella of the German Football Association (DFB) with an amendment.

On the occasion of the application submitted by FV Rheinland (FVR) for the DFB Bundestag, which essentially contains the independence of the leagues, constructive talks have been held in recent weeks between the Women’s Bundesliga Committee, the clubs of the two leagues, FV Rheinland and the DFB. In coordination with the clubs of both divisions, the Women’s Bundesliga Committee is now preparing a corresponding amendment for the DFB Bundestag on March 11, 2022. The goal is a fast and sustainable development of the two highest German women’s divisions. In addition, FV Rheinland’s application for the implementation of a separate DFB vice-president for the women’s Bundesliga is supported by the clubs.

Siegfried Dietrich, Chairman of the Women’s Bundesliga Committee, said, “With its application to the DFB Bundestag, on the initiative of Dr. Theo Zwanziger, the Rhineland Football Association has thrown a stone in the water to call for the professionalization of the women’s Bundesliga The resulting movement has led to the DFB Women’s Bundesliga Committee and the clubs of the two women’s Bundesliga working in exchange with DFB GmbH & Co KG on an amendment that aims to use sustainable measures to significantly strengthen the two women – Realizing national leagues under the umbrella of the DFB For those responsible for our clubs, the question of outsourcing is not currently posed, but for us it is primarily about general professionalization – ultimately also in competition with the other European leagues and visibility of our leagues, the development of structures, sustainable investments of our license gebers – for example in human resources and thus in more economic stability also through better TV presence and marketing – in focus. The amendment should be finalized promptly as a steering motion, submitted by the Women’s Bundesliga Committee to the DFB Bundestag and thus replace part of the application from FV Rheinland.”

Dr. Holger Blask, spokesman for the management of DFB GmbH & Co.KG, said, “We understand and share the interests of the applicants from FV Rheinland to further develop and professionalize the women’s Bundesliga at all levels and to increase their visibility. In our opinion, one Outsourcing is not the right way to achieve these goals. Rather, we want to use the professional marketing structures that we have built up within the DFB and now meshed even more closely with the game operations in DFB GmbH & Co. KG to promote the women’s Bundesliga to further develop organizationally, to strengthen the brands and, as a result, to create more visibility and an improved economic basis for women’s football. Against this background, we welcome the suggestion of the Women’s Bundesliga Committee to introduce an amendment that aims to go this way and to take the necessary to provide human and financial resources.”

Manuel Hartmann, Head of Match Operations, said, “We welcome the fact that the exchange with everyone involved has taken place in a constructive manner, that the clubs have now clearly committed themselves to the DFB and that we can therefore continue to work together to exploit the potential of the women’s Bundesliga With a view to the development of women’s football in other countries, everyone involved is aware that the women’s Bundesliga must be further strengthened in order to continue to be internationally successful at club and national team level in the future.”

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