Thursday , February 25 2021

AIFF conducts online refresher course on ‘Dealing with Conflicts’ for Coach Educators in India!

As part of a week-long online refresher course for the Coach Educators in India, the All India Football Federation, on Friday, June 26, conducted a session on the ‘Priorities of a Tutor and dealing with Conflicts’.

The session was conducted by UEFA Coach Educator Paul Smalley, who delivered a two-hour lecture to the Coach Educators from across the country, with an interactive session at the end.

The course is being attended by AIFF Technical Director Isac Doru, Head of Coach Education Savio Madeira, along with 17 coach instructors from all across India – Gumpe Rime, Parthasarthy Tulasi, Caetano Pinho, Jeddy Almeida, Richard Hood, John Kenneth Raj, Joshua Vaz, Uttam Singh Negi, Shakti Chauhan, Pradhyum Reddy, Dinesh Nair, Goutam Ghosh, Thomas Joseph, Bijish Ben, Shekhar Kerkar, Sajid Dar and Mariano Dias.

AIFF Technical Director Isac Doru stressed on the importance of dealing with conflict situations in order to provide a creative learning experience for the coaches.

“Methodology must allow empowerment, self-expression, reflection, and responsibility to undertake their own creative thinking,” he said. “The coaches you work with all have different personalities, and it is imperative for us to work with them differently in order to maximise their creativity.”

AIFF Head of Coach Education Savio Madeira said, “It is very important for the Coach Educators to understand how to deal with different conflict situations, which is why this session was very informative for us. Getting the perspectives of the different Coach Educators on the different situations that they have faced was also very informative.”The final session of the inline course is set to be held on Saturday, June 27, at 2 PM IST, where the Coach Educators would be attending a lecture on the ‘Advantages of Futsal over Football’ by AFC Futsal Coach Educator Mr Chiew Chun Yong.

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