Thursday , February 29 2024

Bengaluru FC extends association with Fast&Up as Official Nutrition Partner!

Indian Super League team Bengaluru FC have announced that Fast&Up, a leading provider of cutting-edge sports nutrition, has renewed its partnership with the club as its Official Nutrition Partner. A prominent name in the Indian sports and active nutrition market, Fast&Up has revolutionized smart nutrition and nutritional supplements since its inception in 2015 and has further developed the brand’s extensive flagship products.

This extended strategic alliance between Fast&Up and BFC marks a significant collaboration, highlighting our commitment to promoting optimal performance, health, and well-being among athletes. As the Nutrition Partner, Fast&Up will play a crucial role in supporting BFC’s players with a range of scientifically formulated nutrition products such as the highest quality proteins, essential electrolytes for hydration and energy, amino acids for recovery, and overall enhancement of their on-field performance.

“We are happy to join forces with Bengaluru Football Club as their Nutrition Partner,” said Mr. Vijayaraghavan Venugopal, CEO, and co-founder of Fast&Up. “Fast&Up is a leading provider of sports nutrition in the country, committed to providing athletes with high-quality, tested, and trusted nutrition. We look forward to supporting BFC on their journey to success. Proper nutrition is a fundamental aspect of athletic performance, and we are confident that with BFC as their nutrition partner, our products will contribute to the team’s overall well-being, performance, and success on the field.”

Fast&Up also announced the brand’s plans to unveil a limited edition packaging with Bengaluru FC, featuring its top-rated products Fast&Up Reload and Whey Isolate. This exclusive limited-edition launch will not only capture the shared history of association between Fast&Up and BFC but also signify a forward-looking commitment to athletic excellence, performance and wellbeing.

“Nutrition is a critical component of our players’ preparation and recovery. We are excited to have Fast&Up on board as our Nutrition Partner, and we believe their expertise will be instrumental in optimizing the performance of our team,” said Darren Caldeira, Blues’ Director of Football.

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