FC St. Pauli & PUMA unveil home shirt for 2024/25 Bundesliga season!

FC St. Pauli will be operating in a different league next season, and not only on the pitch, as the new home shirt unveiled today marks the beginning of the club’s association with global sports company PUMA as its new equipment supplier.

“For FC St. Pauli, it was important that the sustainable values and core DNA of DIIY lived on in the new shirt,” said Alexander Timm, Head of Merchandising Marketing and Digital. “Despite a relatively short lead time, we’ve achieved a really good outcome. We were able to incorporate our design ideas in intensive discussions and now look forward to our mutual start in the first division.”

The home shirt pays homage to a jersey that was especially popular with fans in the 1991/92 season. Fittingly, the design of that iconic shirt has been transported to the modern era while remaining true to the St. Pauli tradition, with the brown and white quarters now in lighter and darker shades of brown. PUMA placed great store in capturing and extolling the unique DNA of the Boys in Brown in the design of the new jersey.

As announced on the launch of the partnership, the mutual commitment to sustainability is a key component of the collaboration. The new shirt embodies the desire of both partners to set new standards in terms of circular economy and make more efficient use of reusable materials. Made of at least 95 per cent polyester, the jerseys are based on the PUMA RE:FIBRE process, an advanced method that permits textile waste to be recycled again and again without any loss in quality. The aim of the project is to make new shirts from old ones. For this reason, the proportion of worn and recycled clothing as well as textile waste will be gradually increased in future.

“We’re delighted to unveil the new St. Pauli home shirt for the 2024/25 season today,” said Nina Graf-Vlachy, Managing Director PUMA Central Europe. “After a fantastic campaign in which the Boys in Brown achieved a thoroughly deserved promotion to the Bundesliga, we’re looking forward to next season and our future together. We’re especially proud that PUMA will be producing more than three million items of RE:FIBRE clothing from next season with FC St. Pauli and 34 other clubs to facilitate a circular and sustainable production method.”

Because FC St. Pauli values its partners some of the FCSP products manufactured by PUMA will still be made by St. Pauli’s previous main supplier in Turkey, a decision that PUMA was happy to make. Besides maintaining the good relationships that are essential for the collaboration, this ensures the products are manufactured close to the principal market of Germany, keeping transport routes as short as possible.

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